Thursday, January 2, 2014

Auguri di buon 2014 per l'E-Cat!

..... pare che ne abbia molto bisogno.

Wanted: Pilot Customer for ECAT 1 MW plant
Hydro Fusion is looking for a Pilot Customer for the first ECAT 1 MW Plant to operate in Sweden. The customer will only pay for the energy produced by the ECAT, i.e. Hydro Fusion will take responsibility for all associated costs including: the plant itself, installation and any transportation costs. In return the Pilot Customer agrees upon
  • Scheduled Installation time by late fall 2013.
  • Hydro Fusion to use the Pilot Plant as a Showcase where external customers can be introduced to an ECAT 1 MW in operation.
Hydro Fusion is open to any type of heat application given the restriction of a maximum 120 C temperature.

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